product name: Myclobutanil 10%·prochloraz 2.5%EC brand name:Fungicides

Active ingredients:Myclobutanil 10%·prochloraz 2.5%


This product is a protective, broad-spectrum and systemic fungicide. It is added "dissolve the shell enzymes," which can penetrate bacteria shell. It has strong contact action which can kill fungi on the plant surface. Thereby it can prevent fungi infection with protective effects. It can be absorbed quickly to the top of conduction, killing the fungi that had infected to the plants. This product is processed with water-based microencapsulation technology. It is safe and has resistance to rain erosion.

Operation Guidance

Crop:Spray  beet
Target:Rice blast   Brown spot
Dosage:1200-1800g/ha.   900-1200g/ha.
Method:Spray  Spray

1.      Please spray evenly in the early stage of the disease.
2.      Spray at the first time when the diseased leaves occurring in seedling stage or adult stage. Control the disease progresses in order to reduce losses.
3.      This product has fine powder and suspension. Please spray evenly.
4.      Do not spraying in a windy day or rain within one hour.


1.      Pre-harvest interval: 10-15days
2.      It’s better to spray in the early stage of the disease.
3.      If there is precipitation, shake before use does not affect the efficacy。It can be used with most fungicides and pesticides.
4.      This product can not be mixed with the alkalescence material etc
5.      Wear coveralls or long-sleeved uniform and head covering, not smoke, drink and eat when transferring. Launder all work clothing after work.
6.      Pregnant woman and lactation woman should keep away from the product.

Emergency and First Aid Procedures

Toxic symptom: twitch, disgusting, spasm, vomiting.
Immediately move patient to ventilated place when inadvertently inhaled pesticide. Flush with plenty of water more than 15min when spattered into eyes. Immediately go to hospital with the label when poisoning.

Storage and Transport

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, locked place. Do not use or store in or around the home, near heat, open flame or hot surfaces. Store in original containers only. Do not contaminate other materials, or allow this material to be contaminated by improper storage or handling.

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